Who was South Australia’s First Camel?


South Australia’s first camel arrived by ship in 1840.

He was seen as a valuable animal by explorer, John Ainsworth Horrocks who used 

him for exploratory expeditions into the northern arid regions of South Australia

where he became famous, perhaps for the wrong reason!

 A book for all primary school ages about the pioneering history of South Australia.



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Who was South Australia’s First Elephant?

A little elephant was brought out to Australia from India.

He ended up in South Australia.

He was a much loved character in the pioneer days of South Australia’s settlement.

A delightful book describing some of the early history of South Australia for all primary school ages.


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Climbing, climbing

What an adventure, climbing the tallest tree!

A beautiful little book for all ages.

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Dolphin Encounter

A fishing trip with dad results in a surprising encounter!

A beautiful little book for all ages.

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The Barking Owl

“Can you hear a dog barking?” Blake asked.

“That’s not a dog barking! I think the barking owls have come back to the farm for the summer,” Blake’s father said. A beautiful little book for all ages.

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Tread Carefully

Jack gets an ant’s eye view of the forest floor.

Go on an adventure with Jack as he passes through the forest.

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Inside My Favourite Word

Join me as I travel through the letters of my favourite word – DINOSAUR.

Discover what we find as we travel through each letter.

This is a fun book for all ages.

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Coralie the Chicken

Coralie the Chicken was a very fine bird but the way she wore her feathers was often quite absurd.

Some days she would wear them short and flat, other days gelled straight out.

It was always very difficult to understand what this bird was all about!

And then along came Rodney the Rooster…………………………………….

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Science with ‘The SIDEWAYS Man’

My favourite teacher at our school teaches us the science of Physics and all our class think he is really smart.

Graham Smith reflects on the wonderful education that the science of physics can bring to school children and students through fundamental physics examples and associated experiments that everyone can enjoy.

But why is it that he only remembers seeing the SIDEWAYS Man SIDEWAYS?

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Imagine if you kept seeing someone around your neighbourhood but only ever saw him sideways!

Graham Smith poses that dilemma through his fun and entertaining pictures and words that enable young readers to join in the fun of trying to see The SIDEWAYS Man face to face.

Do we ever know what The SIDEWAYS Man looks like?

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Get the Beat to the SIDEWAYS Man Rap, by clicking here.

Winston Knows

Reading should be a relaxing adventure, not a chore. Exercising young minds with new words, new concepts and imaginative stories and pictures inspires our young people’s imagination, confidence and their sense of security. Winston Knows is a delightful children’s story that provides youngsters with lots of opportunity to enjoy reading. It is a debut collaboration between author Jan Gaebler Smith and illustrator Marie Jonsson-Harrison.

Winston is an indoor cat who never gets to go on walks – or does he? The vibrant colours and fun story within a story illustrations in this book have appeal for primary readers, on various levels, from about ages 3 to 8.

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There are also free Teacher Reading Notes available for this book, by clicking here.

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* The Tiger that could turn into a Snow Leopard

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Available Now – Ornithologist’s delight

Birds of Australia – S.A. White Collection

Exquisite and rare collector treasures to delight those who appreciate the art of fine book production and landmark natural history publications relating to Australia’s unique ornithology. Originally published by State Publishing, Netley, South Australia we have four Limited Edition sets (Nos. 409, 410, 411 & 412) still in original packaging and in mint condition.

Each set comprises seven volumes (six volumes large quarto and a single folio volume), colour plates. Publisher’s half grey calf, limited to 500 numbered copies. Each set consists of the following items: J. Gould, The birds of Australia. Supplement, parts four and five. G.M. Mathews, The birds of Australia (a selection of plates). S. Diggles, The ornithology of Australia. Each of the 4 sets is available only as a complete set. The weight of each set is substantial and each complete set will be posted in three parcels.

You can download a PDF of information on J. Gould here.

To access more information about S.A. White Collection Birds of Australia, viz. J. Gould, G.M. Mathews and S. Diggles, click here.

Quantity Available: 4

AUD $2,000 each complete set 

(excluding shipping at current Australia Post charges)

To purchase

Email your enquiry/order to sales@myliteraryadventure.com.au and we will send you an invoice by return email. You can pay by Direct Credit as detailed on your invoice, or you can post a cheque or money order together with your invoice to:


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