Stop Press! We’re Expanding!

After years of sharing our imagination with young people, we have decided to make ‘big people’ part of the main event!

Our publishing arm will now have another arm and two more legs, enabling:

  • Literary lunches and dinners
  • A ‘conscious aging’ bookclub
  • Literary adventure tours
  • Literary walking club

We believe life is what you make it…and we make it interesting, fun, friendly, and affordable!

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See you soon!

Jan & Graham




Great books for great kids!

At My Literary Adventure we believe the best children’s book review is from an engaged child. Try our fun books on your favourite young readers and you’ll see what we mean!


$10 (Post Free anywhere in Australia)

Who was South Australia’s First Camel?

South Australia’s first camel arrived at Port Adelaide aboard the sailing ship S.S. Apolline in 1840.

He was viewed as a valuable asset for exploration into the northern arid lands by explorer, John Ainsworth Horrocks.

Horrocks purchased him and used him in a fateful exploration towards Lake Torrens, where the camel became famous, perhaps for the wrong reason!

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Who was South Australia’s First Elephant?

A baby elephant from Calcutta, India became a much loved identity of the pioneer days of South Australia’s settlement.

Who was he?

Treat your children to this engaging and heart warming story that will introduce them to the adventures of discovering our history.

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Toddler Friendly 6″x 4″ Picture Books

Perfect size for little hands and beginning readers! 

Only $5 each (Post Free anywhere in Australia). Five books in this series.

1. The Barking Owl

“Can you hear a dog barking?” Blake asked. 

“That’s not a dog barking!

“I think the barking owls have come back home to the farm for the summer,” Blake’s father said.

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2. Godfrey’s Tongue 

Godfrey’s tongue jumps clear out of his mouth, looking for some taste sensations, only to realise that it is much better off back where it belongs.

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3. Climbing, climbing 

What an adventure, climbing the tallest tree!

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4. Dolphin Encounter 

A fishing trip with dad results in a surprising encounter!

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5. Tread Carefully 

Jack gets an ant’s eye view of the forest floor!

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Popular titles

Inside My Favourite Word 

Join a young boy as he enters his favourite word – DINOSAUR – and travels through each letter of the word.

Discover what he finds in each letter of his favourite word.

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Coralie the Chicken


Coralie the Chicken was a very fine bird but the way she wore her feathers was often quite absurd.

Some days she would wear them short and flat, other days gelled straight out.

It was always very difficult to understand what this bird was all about!

And then along came Rodney the Rooster…

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Science with ‘The SIDEWAYS Man’ 
front cover page TSM 22 Jan 2017

My favourite teacher at our school teaches us the science of Physics and all our class think he is really smart.

Graham Smith reflects on the wonderful education that Physics can bring to school children and students of all ages through various fundamental examples of physics and the associated experiments that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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Imagine if you kept seeing someone around your neighbourhood but only ever saw him sideways!

Graham Smith poses that dilemma through his fun and entertaining pictures and words that enable young readers to join in the fun of trying to see The SIDEWAYS Man face to face.

Do we ever know what The SIDEWAYS Man looks like?

Get the Beat to the SIDEWAYS Man Rap, by clicking here.

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Winston Knows

Winston Knows, by Jan Gaebler Smith and Marie-Jonsson Harrison is perfect to capture the hearts and imagination of young readers with its bright colours and engaging story.

There are also free Teacher Reading Notes available for this book, by clicking here.

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