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is a small publishing and literary association. We are not accepting submissions at present. We are members of the Australian Publishers Association and our aim is to promote arts and culture through our publishing and, in the future, cultural events and travel excursions. We also believe the best children’s book review is from an engaged child… try our fun books on your favourite young reader and you’ll see what we mean!

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Winston Knows

Our new picture book
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Imagine if you kept seeing someone around your neighbourhood but only ever saw him sideways!

Graham Smith poses that dilemma through his fun and entertaining pictures and words that enable young readers to join in the fun of trying to see The SIDEWAYS Man face to face.

Do we ever know what The SIDEWAYS Man looks like?

Buy it now and find out!

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Winston Knows

Winston Knows, by Jan Gaebler Smith and Marie-Jonsson Harrison is perfect to capture the hearts and imagination of young readers with its bright colours and engaging story.

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